Current Courses Spring '14

  • CIS197 - JavaScript
  • CIS320 - Introduction to Algorithms
  • CIS331 - Introduction to Networks and Security
  • NURS332 - Forensic Science
  • SPAN140 - Intermediate Spanish II

The Merlin Venture Blog

Health: Killing Smoking, Liquid Analysis, Bully Body Image Issues,

This week in tech, Chrono Therapeutics looks to kill smoking, Vessyl looks to analyze liquid, and High School Story wants to fight body image issues...

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Skills Languages and Technologies

Skill Learned From
PythonPython CIS192, CIS391
JavaJava CIS110, CIS120, CIS121, CIS350, CIS455
HTMLHTML HTML Tutorials , W3 Schools
CSSCSS W3 Schools
GitGit CIS380, Git Immersion
LinuxLinux CIS191
CC CIS240, CIS380
AndroidAndroid CIS350